Thursday, January 14, 2010

20.....say what!?!?!?!?!

I truned 20 and looking back i can truthful say it has been one crazy ride, But along the way there has been people in my life who has help me.
Dad and Mom: My parnets are the best they are always there for me when ever i need them.They are always teaching me things and I love them so much!
My Brothers and Sisters:(John,Stacey,Corrie,Byron,Katie,and James)They are so great I could not ask for a better family and yes they do love to pick on me but I still love them
To the extend Family: Thanks for all of the support
TO All of my Friends you know who are: Thanks for always beening there to talk when ever i need you and i am greatful your wonderful example.
It has Been great these last 20 years i can not believe that I am 20. Time seems to fly. I am truley bless to have a great support of all my Family and friends each one of you have a special place in my heart. I am greatful for the church and the things that i have been bless with because of it. I know that I am Child Of God and he truley does love me.I am greatful that families are forever!
Here are 20 things that you might not know about me

1. My Full name is Alison Dee Ball
2. I have lived in Mesa all my life
3. I am left handed
4. I love the color blue
5. I love Italian food
6. I love rocky road ice cream
7. I enjoy working with children
8. I stand at 4'11 1/2
9. I love My family
10.I think that i have the best friends in the world
11.when i was little i played softball and basketball
12.I have been singing since the 3rd grade
13.I love taking pictures
14.I love to cook

15.I enjoy dancing
16.I love going to Disneyland
17.I love food
18.I broke my foot in the 4th grade
19.I love games
20.I LOVE LIFE!!!!!