Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Ok so pretty much i had the most amazing time ever. EFY was so great. This year's theme was "Be thou an Example even unto the Believers". On Monday it was a little crazy because that is when the kids came and we had to get them to the right places, we also had FHE which was really fun.Tuesday was the first day on the wonderful classes and the first dance. The dance was so much fun:) Then on Wed. We had more classes and game night. Thursday was the more spiritual day of EFY. We went to young womens and the guys went to young mens then we had a wonderful fireside the session director and his wife Brother and Sister Hugh who are from Orem Utah,then we had the music program which i sang in and was so much then we had testimony meeting which no words can not even say how amazing it was. So Friday was the last oh how sad we did a service project and had a dance and watched a slideshow of pictures from the week.
My testimony has grown so much and this week has really opened my eyes to new things. I also made had some new friends that are the most amazing people in the world, and have inivted the valley girls to come up to vist the St John's girls on the 24th. which i am looking forward to.
Let me explain the pictures
:Ok so the my company group that i was over was becoem storng
:my Company at game night
:The next Picture is of Sam and me she was my BC
:Dan and Me Dan was another BC
:Luara Maddie are some girls that i was friends with and they are From Round Valley
:Preston was another BC
:The next 4 pictures are us going to Denny's at midnight
:Ok next picture is of all of the girls excpet for one that stay at our host family
: The Couple in the picture is the Seymores who let us girls stay in there house for the week
:Cadance Platt is from St Johns
:Janell Richardson is from St Johns
:Shaunae Haws from St Johns
:ok so the next on is all the St Johns girls and i for got to put a picture up but the girl with the cool curly hair.Her name is Davi Crockett yes her real name is Davi Crockett
: The Valley Girls Me,Lisa Boatman, and Anamin Falfan
: The reast of the pictures are just pictures we took that where around the house.