Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday, September 5, 2008


OK so life is not always what people say it to be.......... I mean all of us have problems and thing we go through that we dont know why we are going through. There are people that have bigger problems that we could not even imagen. But what it takes to get us through is a little bit of faith and a whole lot of praying. we might not get our answer right away but if we stay stronge and endure to the end we will reach our goal and get over are problems. Many people have come in and out my life but always had something to teach me about how to get though those hard times in life. All of us are traveling on this road we call life but is what we do in this life that we help us in the end.
You may not se the end from the beginning
You can not comprehend all the Father has in store.
You may not have the anwers to the questions,
But through the life that you have been given
He longs to teach us more.
Every rock we stumble cross can be a stepping stone,
There are precios hidden treasure scattered all along the road
There is joy in the journey, joy in the climb,
Twistin and turnin, reaching for that open sky
Carving out the footstep in the strugging we find
There is hope and there is joy in the journey.
You can not know whats comin around the corner
You may not see the mountains and the valleys up ahead.
So every day we put our faith in heaven
And in the light of the morning we find strength to rise again
All of us are travelers searchin for our home
In the learning we are not alone.
So to all of us with problems in our life this is for you because i love you and know that you and i have problems but we will get over them. I would also like to thank all those people in my life that have been there me in my life beacuse i know you love me.