Sunday, May 24, 2009


ok so for those who don't know i am going to EFY, I am going to be a counselor i am way excited. This will be my first time ever going and it is some thing that i have always wanted to do. I am leave for show low this weekend, and come back on the 6th.
I am so grateful the i am going to be able to do this. The theme for this year is Be thou an example. I will make sure post on how it goes so until then........ have a wonderful and safe summer:)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Halle is one and what is going on in my life

Ok so on Saturday my niece turned one i can not be believe how time flys by so fast. I love her so very much and think she is the cutest
lets see here my pre-school job ended which is sad, i will miss all the kids so very much i will post pictures soon from graduation.
Singles ward is going great. I now have two callings in the ward I help out with the ward actives and family home evening so yah and i get to speak in church on the 31st of may. It has been really fun to see some of my old friends and hang out with them again. One of my really good friends named Celesta has really taking me under her wing to help me feel welcome.
So yah that is what i am up too:)