Thursday, August 6, 2009


Well this summer has been one of the most amazing summer of my life. I have grown a lot this past summer and have learned a lot about myself also. This summer was filled with many adventures. As many of you know I started the summer as a EFY counselor. This alone made my summer i think what it was. Something that i really learned from this that Heavenly Father truly has a plan for us, we may not know why we do the things we do right at the second in time but we soon see the blessing that he had in store for us.I know that he has blessed me. After coming home from EFY I started to think about where life was taking me. I started to think about going away to school, like E.A.C. I thought about it and thought it was a good idea. At first i was scared to think about leaving what i was so use to and go some where that i hardly knew anyone. Well as the summer went on i got more use to the idea about going to school. Then i was soon visited by the Price Family who i had not seen for like a year. It was really great to see them and catch up on things. After that i was on my way to Santa Fa New Mexico, for my cousin wedding. Well then i got back and a week latter i was off to Thatcher with my friend Marilee. I really enjoy that trip thanks Marilee for taking me. Any ways so i Have decided not to go back to school so now i am on the job hunt oh what fun. Any ways my summer like I said has been amazing.This past week i got to hang out with some of favorite people in the world besides my family. First i got to hang out with the Trone Sister and let me tell you those girls are wonderful, i love when i go visit them because they always know what to say to help me along this journey. I love them so much. so some thing that they said that really stood out was that you can not do this alone you need friends to help you along the way. This is so true i don't know where i would be with out my friends. Another person that i got to hang out with is my Best Friend in the world Keilei, I love her to death she is one of my greatest heroes, she to knows what to say to make me feel better. I would do any thing for that girl and i know she would do the same.She told something that i really liked you have to fake it until you make. This reminded me that i need to try to stay positive,it essayer said then done...... But i have decided to make this a goal of to try to stay positive.... it will be some work but i am going to do my best. So ya that is my summer for ya!!!!!